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Winter Your Way with OzDesign

By June 5, 2020INSPIRATION

Winter Your Way with OzDesign

Style this Winter your way. They say that your home is a reflection of who you are and the things that you love. Have you ever stopped to look at the colours people use to style their homes?

Are they a reflection of the kind of person they are? Seaside lovers style with blue and white, they enjoy calm energy and tranquility. Urban stylists tend to be bolder in personality and particular with what they love. They style with darker tones and sharper objects. It’s important when choosing a colour scheme for your home.

You want every room to bring you joy, regardless of the day you’ve had and the mood you are in. It needs to be a pallet that resonates best with you and styled with objects that you absolutely love. Enjoy Winter your way this cooler season… Be inspired with the Oz Design Winter Guide.


They say the colour blue is beneficial for the mind and body. It helps us relax, unwind and brings calmness.
For those who seek a space that is purposeful and tranquil, look at styling with elements of white contrasted with a gorgeous blue tone.

Used to bring a pop of subtle and stylish colour to chic urban spaces. It’s gorgeous when it’s in velvet and striking when it’s in glass.
It’s the colour that symbolises love and those who style with it are house proud – they dress to impress.

Blush is hot right now and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! It’s for personalities who have a soft soul and a big heart.
It speaks kindness, friendliness and brings warmth to interior spaces.


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