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Welcome new energy and flow into your home

By January 21, 2021INSPIRATION

Happy Chinese New Year! Creating positive energy and flow in your home with tips from Grace Niu of Feng Shui Serenity.

To say 2020 – Year of the Rat has been eventful, intense and unpredictable is an understatement. It completely changed the way we live and work. As 2020’s energy continues to challenge our depth and stamina, many of us have also started to realise how crucial our home space is so we can remain resilient despite the external challenges.

As we stand at the threshold of the Year of the Ox, which starts on 12th February 2021, it is a potent time to create some simple changes in order to raise the vibration of your home.

The Year of the Metal Ox is symbolised by Yin Metal sitting on top of the Ox. This energy combination generally indicates a more cooperative and harmonious outlook for the year ahead.

The nature of the Yin Metal energy is all about the compacted precision. Therefore, 2021 will also be a potent time for clarity and fresh perspectives if currently you are feeling a bit lost unfocused.

Meanwhile, this Metal energy is also about connection, inspirational quality and purity by letting go of anything that no longer serves you. It represents transformation, refinement and integration. The strong Metal energy will provide you with needed strength and clarity to move forward with your ideas or projects. It will make you feel contained rather than overwhelmed and confused.

Overall, the 2021’s energy asks you to dispense with your reliance on the past, to release and let go.  The Chinese New Year provides us a beautiful opportunity for renewal, starting from our home, so we can greet the New Year’s energy with a deep trust and embrace its potential and magic.

It is more crucial than ever that our home is our immediate sanctuary, the sacred space where we can feel nurtured, calm and connected on a daily basis, so we can fully live our truth in the world.

Feng Shui is an art of observing, harnessing and establishing a more open flow of energy within our environment to achieve the prosperity and harmony within our home. Our home is an outer reflection of who we are. A good Feng Shui home means a good Qi flow. If a home is cluttered, no matter what we apply in Feng Shui, the effect will not be significant. So it is no exaggeration to say ‘decluttering is the first step to rebirth of your home’s energy’.

Declutter with Feng Shui intention

A cluttered house reflects a cluttered mind. Any kind of clutter creates an obstacle to the smooth flow of energy around the space or room.

The definition of ‘Clutter’ in Feng Shui includes:

  • things you no longer use, love or want,
  • things that are untidy or disorganised,
  • too many or too much in a confined space
  • anything unfinished or broken
  • any mental and emotional clutter.

It is important to understand that the effect of clutter goes well beyond physical unpleasantness and it can have a profound impact on our mental wellbeing as well.

People with cluttered homes tend to be:

  • physically congested (ie. digestive issues) and lack vitality
  • feeling lethargic and powerless
  • feeling confused and lack of vision and clarity in life
  • lack of motivation or desires to create changes
  • clutter can be a manifestation of suppressed emotions and keeps you in the past

In order to truly see the brilliance of ourselves, we must have the courage to let go of the old and create space for the new. What could be a better time to do this than at the start of Chinese New Year?

Follow these steps and download the Feng Shui Declutter Guide to assist as you tackle certain sectors within your home. Focus on one sector at the time so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

Step 1. Close your eyes and take a 5 deep gentle breaths. Identify ONE area in your life that you feel blocked most, ie. relationships, money, career, health, or personal growth etc.

Step 2. Refer to the Feng Shui Declutter Guide to reveal which sector it’s associated with compared to the aspect in life you want to improve. For example, if you feel stuck at your current job and want to invite some new opportunities on the career front, focus on the North sector of your home as it represents your Career & Income.

Step 3. Observe and assess what is the current status in that specific sector. Is it in good condition? How free flow is the Qi? What furniture or items are stored in there? For example, if money is your most concerned aspect in life, and you have discovered the rubbish bin is located in the SE sector (this sector represents your abundance, wealth and long term investment) or a cupboard full of out of date files, then you should start to see why this area is blocked.

Step 4. Once the specific sector you choose is being cleared and cleansed of the ‘old’ energy, you can invite something ‘new’ into your life.

Be discerning and take your time to select the pieces and choose smartly.

Multifunctional and compact furniture pieces are great and depends on which part of the home you are decluttering. For example, a slim lined display cabinet with lots of hidden storage is a great choice for the living room.

Furniture with lighter or natural colours can also bring a sense of spaciousness to a room especially if the piece is relatively large.


Decorate your home to enhance energy in 2021

2021 is a year in which we’ll have more appreciation for things of grace and beauty due to the Yin Metal energy, many people will pay more attention to the interior of their home not only from functionality perspective but also seek aesthetic appeals so they can feel aligned with their own artistic expression.

In 2021, the ‘Wealth star’ resides within the West sector of every home, bringing wealth, abundance and money-making opportunities. If your front door, home office or living room are located in the West sector, make sure you spend more time in there and decorate them with pieces that are emanating strong metal and earth energy.

In Feng Shui, this means:

  • Round objects such as a mirror or a metal plate, disc etc.
  • Furniture or accessories that are made of metal, copper, brass, cast-iron etc. This stunning round coffee table from Freedom emanates strong Metal energy
  • Colour of gold, bronze, silver, white or other metallic colours
  • Square or rectangular shapes represent the earth energy
  • Colours of the earth energy are: neutral tones, yellow, beige or brown.

You can also use potteries, small decorative pieces made of ceramics, marble or crystals in the West sector to further capitalise the ‘Wealth star’, making your home a magnet to money and abundance.

In Feng Shui, your front entrance is the key to inviting auspicious energy as it is considered the “Mouth of the House”. Having good energy coming through the front entrance is similar to a person eating healthy. Therefore, it’s key to have an unobstructed, open flow of energy to the front door. Keep it clean, fresh and free flowing. Removing rubbish bins, shoe racks or cracked old pots with dead plants etc. is recommended.

When a house has good energy circulating throughout, people who live in the house experience higher levels of wellbeing and fortune. If the energy at your main entry is blocked, unattractive or unnourished, the house will feel depleted and struggle to support the occupants on an energetic level.

Introduce wood energy to enhance the auspicious energy by using furniture, artwork, natural plants or small collection pieces that herald potent wood energy. Its energetic vibration can bring growth, renewal and strength into your home, creating an uplifting environment for you to thrive in.

When it comes to bedroom Feng Shui, we recommend creating a restorative, calm and restful environment – more Yin energy rather than Yang. There should also be minimal presence of electromagnetic fields or geopathic stress present within a bedroom, preferably no TV, laptops or other electronics.

Your bed should have a solid bedhead and it should be placed in a ‘commanding position’ within the bedroom.  This promotes a restful sleep as well as strong support and protection in one’s life.

In Feng Shui, a commanding position means that your bedhead is positioned against a solid wall so that you can see the bedroom door.

Ideally, this position is also the furthest from the door which allows you the widest view of the room possible.

Use natural fabric such as cotton and linen in earthy colours and tones to create a warm, cozy and intimate feeling allowing your body to relax and rejuvenate.

As we step into a brand new year, more and more of us are living (or learn to live) in a more sensory, heightened way where energy is concerned. I hope that by being aware and making these small changes within your home it provides you much enchantment and festive joy and peace, so you can embrace 2021 the Year of the Ox wholeheartedly.

Our thanks to the team at BoConcept, Gallery Level for assisting with the location and sets for the photographic shoot.

Product Styling Guide

Entrance Hallway:

Chinese Cabinet, wall art and potted Orchids available at Shack on Ground Floor

Coral ornaments available at Provincial Home Living on Ground Floor

Lamp available at Beacon Lighting on Ground Floor

Chair & cushion available at BoConcept on Gallery Level

Lounge Room:

Coffee Table available at Freedom on Ground Floor

Lounge, cushions, rug, lamp, wall unit and mirror available at BoConcept on Gallery Level

Wall unit & Table ornaments available at Contents International Design on Level 1

Wall unit ornament available at Freedom on Ground Floor

Bluetooth Radio available at Bing Lee on Ground Floor

Feng Shui items provided by Grace Niu


Bed and bedhead available at BoConcept on Gallery Level

Side Table & Brush ornament piece available at Contents International Design on Level 1

Lamp available at Lightstyle on Ground Floor

Bed linen, quilt cover, rugs and cushions available at Adairs on Ground Floor

De Clutter Wall Cabinet:

Wall cabinet, Chinese stool, pot and rug available at BoConcept on Gallery Level

Bluetooth Radio available at Bing Lee on Ground Floor

Coral and shell ornaments available at Provincial Home Living on Ground Floor

Leaf Ornament available at Oz Design Furniture on Ground Floor

Box and beads available at Contents International Design on Level 1

Indoor potted plant available at Shack on Ground Floor

Feng Shui items provided by Grace Niu

About the author: Grace Niu from Feng Shui Serenity is an acclaimed Feng Shui expert in Sydney. To discover more about Grace please visit www.fengshuiserenity.com.au or follow her on Facebook and Instagram @fengshuiserenity

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