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Vivian Panagos Shops SCMP – Kitchen Makeover

By February 28, 2016INSPIRATION

Vivian Panagos is a Sydney based interior designer and author of design blog, ish & chi featuring tours, interviews with creatives, decorating and style ideas, and a portfolio of projects including the makeover of her Sydney home.


Kitchens are one of my favourite spaces to work with for clients and it was a treat to be able to be invited back to Supa Centa Moore Park this month to shop for my own kitchen. I’m bringing you some of the best products from stores available under the one roof and once again I wasn’t disappointed!

My first stop was Harvey Norman and as it turns out I was back in this store by the end of the shopping trip to select an item to take home – but more on that later. What I love about modern appliances is the huge selection of colours and styles. I’m particularly drawn to retro style appliances and the Husky bar fridges in black, white and red had me wanting one of each.  Red is a popular colour for modern appliances but I’m enjoying the softer candy colours personally. The Smeg blender that comes in a few different colours initially caught my attention and then I came across the mixer. Oh, the mixer! The retro curves had me dreaming of all the baking I could do and it seems I couldn’t get my mind off it by the end of the trip. Hold that thought…

Next up I stopped into Top3 By Design, a long time favourite store of mine. The in-store styling grouped by colour was perfection and my favourite items were the little Bottlit bottles with their cork top, the tea pot wrapped in a knitted tea cosy, and the mix of wood, stone, metal and glass materials used in many items.

And then I was off to check out Robins Kitchen filled with all the cooking and baking items a person could ever need. The pastel coloured dinnerware and large selection of wooden chopping boards were a winner in this store.

Freedom was my second last stop and once again, their dinnerware range was right on point. The mix of wood as well as the navy and white bowls and plates were a standout but I couldn’t justify starting a new dinnerware set, so I picked up a couple of glasses instead to complete a collection I had already started and peeled myself away from this store.

Last stop and I was back at Harvey Norman. Turns out I couldn’t get my mind off the Smeg mixer in powder blue. The salesperson described it as ‘shabby chic’ but there’s nothing shabby at all about this mixer! I immediately I knew what I could put it to use for – baking my mother a birthday cake for her milestone birthday (I’ve promised not to spill her age).

Of course a grown woman always needs a bright pink birthday cake and that’s exactly what I set about the make for her using a recipe I had been given. Three layers of cake and five batches of different shades of pink icing were a cinch to make in the four hours my son slept. I know what you might be thinking – FOUR HOURS! But all I really had to do was chuck in all the ingredients at the right time and then spend an obsessive amount of time perfecting the pink ombre swirls. That’s all there was to it. Besides, I had a drink on hand to keep me going so it wasn’t too bad. I adore this mixer!

Thank you Supa Centa Moore Park for having me again and I hope you enjoyed this kitchen roundup. Happy shopping!

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