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The Weber Experience – Charcoal or Gas?

By November 7, 2017INSPIRATION

With summer on our doorstep and the waft of bbq smoke in the air, one of the hot topics around the barbecue that ignites passion in so many is the age old question…….. charcoal or gas?

We spoke to Mick from Weber Store at Moore Park Bbqs recently to get his thoughts and those of his customers.

“Many of our customers have both and in my opinion, they’re not mutually exclusive.
We regularly get customers buying Weber Q’s or larger gas barbecues that own a Weber kettle or smoker and in many cases have owned a charcoal barbecue for years. There has no doubt been a real influx of customers buying Weber kettles, charcoal, briquettes and smoking woods to try ‘low and slow’ cooking for their ribs, briskets, pulled pork and lamb.”
Most use their gas barbecue for everyday barbecuing, roasting and baking and use their charcoal barbecues on the weekend.

Weber was the first company to put a lid on a charcoal barbecue way back in 1952 when George Stephen built the first Weber barbecue out of a disused navy buoy. George new that if he could trap the smoke then it would impart amazing flavour in the food and the added bonus would be that he could minimise flare-ups too. He would travel around the country showing people a better way to cook and this strange sputnik looking barbecue kettle took off.

Fast forward 65 years and Weber kettles have had somewhat of a renaissance fuelled by tv shows like BBQ Pittmasters and barbecue events like Meatstock of which Weber is a major sponsor.

But still the largest category for barbecues is in gas and they have come a long way since the flat top style barbecues of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Weber was the first barbecue manufacturer to add a lid to gas barbecues too and for the first time it was possible to create fantastic charcoal barbecue flavour but with the ease and convenience of gas. The year was 1985 when Jim who was George’s son mustered up the courage to present George a steak cooked off the first Weber hooded gas barbecue, and the verdict……. Weber is now the largest manufacturer of charcoal and gas barbecues in the world.

So, if you are unsure of whether gas or charcoal is for you, then we reckon you should heed Mick’s advice……get both!

To help you decide whether a Weber gas or charcoal barbecue is for you, join Weber’s Grill Ambassador Laura, as she shows us how to prepare the perfect Christmas meal on a variety of Weber BBQ’s including; roast turkey, glazed ham, crackling pork, a side of salmon and an amazing dessert. Numbers are limited so get there early.

When: Thursday 9 November, 2017
Times: 1.30pm-4pm and 6.00pm-8.30pm
Where: Weber Store on Ground

Feeling lucky? As part of BBQ week 4 in the ‘5 Weeks of Supa Summer’ competition, try your hand at winning the ultimate Weber prize.  Click here for more details.

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