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The Perfect Christmas with Heidi From The Life Style Edit

By November 15, 2018INSPIRATION

Christmas Styling with  Heidi Albertiri from The Life Style Edit

When it comes around to Christmas, preparing for the festivities is my all time favourite part of the year. The silly season gives you permission to go a little overboard, to finish the home to a different level than day to day allows us. I love nothing more than entertaining at Christmas, with our home buzzing around the food and the table, it’s important to me as a stylist that my home looks and feels special, just like Christmas calls for. With Supa Centa Moore Park so close to home it is a “Must Visit” location for my styling and entertaining needs which is why partnering with Supa Centre Moore Park is a dream come true.
When preparing for any event, or restyling my space I always start with my large pieces of furniture, I check in to see if they are good to go, if I need to add anything to those pieces, like a console to the living room, then I take a good look at my space, the gaps in it that I need to fill and go from there. I always make a rough mood-board to start with my look and feel. In this case, I started with how I wanted the table to feel, I think about colours that I am drawn to, what colours are in this season and I take it from there. When I shop, I shop with a rough plan, I take my list and my mood-board with me to Supa Centa Moore Park and I do the rounds of the stores looking for visual matches to my choices.

I check in with my mood board and match it up to what I see in store, soon enough I start to see a pattern emerge and I start piecing the items together. From there it gets easier as it is just about fine tuning my favourites. I had no trouble at all pulling together Christmas at Supa Centa Moore Park. It’s my place for the perfect Christmas. With parking on every floor I drove to the level I needed and then loaded up my car with my loot. One of the wonderful things about shopping at Super Centre Moore Parkl is that I know that the stores there will always have the latest must have items, if I get stuck on something or cant fill a gap,
the staff in the stores always seem to find just the thing I am looking for. With so many wonderful options, the only problem you come up against is knowing when to stop !

Christmas Table Setting
I like to take a good look at everything I am going to use and set it out before hand to make sure it all works together.
“Pull out your dinner set that you will use on the day and start adding all your styling elements, place mats, coasters, tablecloths, candles, decorations etc and have them ready to go so that on the day of setting the table you can start with the base and work your layers one piece at a time. Having all your selects in one place means you get an idea of how it is going to look all together and you can chop and change any items that doesn’t quite fit.
Setting the table is a work in progress, you need to add it layer by layer and you can start with the basics and build your way up. I like the idea of using herbs on the napkins as they add a little green and can be easily
picked from the garden or added to the trolley whilst doing your shopping.” I stick to my original mood board and piece it all together one by one.

Punch and Pudding
I like to be super organised at the best of times, but Christmas being such a special time needs a little extra organising so anything I can do to prepare earlier for the day I tick off the list as soon as I can.
Preparation is the key for Christmas gatherings. Make your ice cubes up to a week before you need them and its just a matter of assembling the punch on the day. Same goes for the Ice cream pudding, make it a week, a day, whatever time you can before Christmas day and pop it in the freezer and forget until its time for pudding. It’s just a matter of putting the finishing touches on the day.

Eco Wrapping
I have become so much more environmentally conscious of my choices these days so I love to cut corners where I can, if I can give a little extra by doing a little good at the same time then everybody wins.
Using tea-towels and napkins instead of gift wrap for your gifts not only reduces paper waste but your guests get a double present surprise. I got this idea by walking around the SCMP, there was such a great range of such beautiful tea-towels that I couldn’t go past them, who doesn’t love a great printed tea towel anyway ?

Guest Welcoming
Christmas is that time of year that guests descend upon us at lightening speed, so without adding an extra level to the house the next best solution was to grab a sofa bed for the guests that refuse to book a room at the local hotel! Having guests stay can add extra stress to Christmas times, so if they aren’t booking into a hotel, then you can make it a little easier for everyone with a guest basket filled with things to make them feel welcome and add a little personal touch to their stay. Soap, a hand towel, candle, room spray, slippers, a robe, the wifi password, mobile phone charger, a speaker, headphones, a reusable coffee cup, everything they need to get through the Christmas period. Just don’t make it too amazing or they may just never leave!
Everything I purchased at SCMP was themed perfectly, it all fit perfectly well with my colour schemes, mood board and the feel I wanted to achieve for the day. The beauty of buying seasonally is that all the colours, and textures flow. Even between brands there seems to be a real continuity and standard that made the whole process really easy. Use your imagination, sometimes it really is the little things. Our guests may not always know what they need until we give it to them and going that little bit further is a really beautiful way to add to the special moments that we can add to the memory bank for another year. Merry Christmas.

Table Setting
Dinner Set – Robins Kitchen
Champagne Glasses – Robins Kitchen
Christmas Decs –  Bed Bath n table
Bon Bons – Bed Bath n table
Napkins – Bed Bath n table
Table – Oz Design
Chairs – Fantastic Furniture
Light Shade – Freedom
Ice Bucket – Bed Bath n table
Bar Cart – Freedom
Decanter – Freedom
Clear cut glasses – Robin’s Kitchen
Radio- Bing Lee

Main set-
Tree- Bed Bath n table
Stars – Bed Bath n table
Snow Globe – Adair’s
White Christmas tag – Freedom

Cake setting
Ice bucket – Robins Kitchen
Champagne glasses- Robins Kitchen
Punch bowl (vase) – Freedom
Bowl – Robins Kitchen
Cake stand – Robins Kitchen
Ice cubes holder from – Robins Kitchen

Bed setting
Assorted linen – Adairs
Throw – Adairs
Assorted pillows – Freedom
Sofa bed – Fantastic Furniture

Basket- Freedom
Shaving kit- Mr and Mrs Jones
Assorted hand soaps- Adairs
Earl grey tea bags – Mr and Mrs Jones
Keep cups – Mr and Mrs Jones
Slippers- Bed Bath n Table
Speaker – Bing Lee

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