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Take your house guests to Morocco

By December 2, 2020INSPIRATION

Crystal, Interior Stylist from Crystal Bailey & Co shares her tips on styling your spare room into a guests ultimate escape.

Take your guests to Morocco with a Moroccan inspired bedroom styled with soft peach and pink colours!

This look is all about mixing patterns with similar shades, so that it looks fun without being too much.

I’ve used bamboo in the bedhead and rattan in the cupboard both from Oz Design to balance the colours out and if you stick to those natural materials in the furniture, it’s so much easier to style with colours.

My styling tip is to also choose two colours for your theme palette and then select different tones within those colours. For this look, I selected peach and pink, which is used throughout Morocco and that’s the easiest way to play with colour in a space.

Have some fun with cushions mixing up sizes, textures colours and patterns, but break it up with solid colours in between to balance it out. Layer a throw or two at the end of the bed as well as some baskets with throws to make it feel welcoming and cosy. You can discover so many wonderful furnishings at My House, Adairs and Freedom to create your look.

Mood lighting is really going to be the feature at night, so I’ve selected these Moroccan lamps from Beacon Lighting to add that warm glow!

Your guests will wake up feeling like they’ve spent the night in Morocco with these beautiful pieces from Supa Centa Moore Park.

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