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Save time for your family with technology

By May 31, 2021INSPIRATION

Erinn Taba @Taba_tribe is a busy mum of 3, influencer and educator in technology and design. Erinn shares her tips on integrating technology into your home to alleviate stress and help you regain more time to spend with your family.

The integration of technology in the home is essential in 2021 to make your home life as stress free as possible. And with more of us working from home the benefits of an array of products can’t be overlooked. There is so much new technology available at the Supa Centa Moore Park that can give you back your time that a busy mum like me values most.

When you’re looking for a statement technology piece to be the showpiece of your room, you must see the latest range of Samsung televisions from Bing Lee. It looks more like a picture frame than a television and a minimalistic look with a clean stand that can be easily positioned anywhere around the room. I’ve used a range of ottomans from Freedom to give the space a relaxed and kick back feel the whole family can enjoy hanging in watching television or listening to music. Whilst not all technology features for the home could be sampled in the room look here, I was incredibly impressed with the latest technology in refrigerators and laundry appliances also at Bing Lee.

From Robot Vacuum cleaners, Air Purifiers to Sonos wireless speakers there is something for everyone. Godfreys have a great range of Robotic Vacuum cleaners that can alleviate the hard work while you’re at work, out shopping or preparing the evening meal.

Technology can also be incorporated to enhance your family’s wellbeing. An essential oil diffuser will create a calm and nurturing environment at home and you can incorporate sensory mood lighting by Philips for lamps from The Good Guys. If it’s technology for the kitchen you’re after, then also see The Good Guys amazing range of ovens, cooktops and kitchen appliances. There are so many time saving and intelligent appliances available for updating your kitchen or doing a full renovation and makeover. Between Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Bing Lee and JB H FI, you can save time by learning all there is to know about the latest in technology – all in the one place.

Google have introduced a range of devices to help you on voice command in the home with music, weather, recipes, and even video calls which helps you to maintain connections with your loved ones and the juggle in the mornings and evenings. Your children live in a digital world and will love the sense of independence they feel by having technology pieces such as Fitbits, laptops, Bluetooth speakers and more. Discover some of the incredible technology devices for the home from JB HiFi.

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