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‘My go to when creating modern rituals’

By June 30, 2020INSPIRATION

The Sourceress, Belinda Cendron shares her tips on sustainability and creating modern rituals for your dining room.

Interiors in 2020 is all sustainability, value and modern rituals. This means natural colours and timeless materials with curves in all the right places and pieces that enhance our lifestyle and well-being. When setting up your new home together or if you’re buying your first home, one of most exciting things is that it’s a blank canvas that you get to set up your own way and add all kinds of details to complement to the way YOU live.

I recommend creating modern rituals by choosing functional pieces that work with and improve your lifestyle and well-being. From electrical products, to tech gadgets down to your favorite scented candle, creating modern rituals is about feeling good and freeing up your time-mind.

Incorporating technology into your day to day life, is one clever way to achieve this. Not sure where to start? Supa Centa Moore Park has a huge range of stores and helpful staff to bring this all to life! Want to chill out as soon as you get home from work? Use smart lighting and smart plugs so your lamps come on at a certain time e.g when you walk in the door simply by so that you can setting them and connect them automatically from your phone allowing things like your table lamps to come on at a certain time when you walk through the door; or smart settings to instantly set think gently ambient lighting lit in your dining or lounge room on arrival.

Let Google Home do all the heavy lifting with Google Play and set your meditation sounds or pumped up tunes for your home workout from your bed your sofa or as you enter the room – just announce “OK GOOGLE” and set your instructions. In your bedroom, a Lenovo smart clock offers all the features of google assist without even having to get out of bed! Choose from a huge range of fitness and well-being devices to cleaning and purifying products, interconnected smart devices and so much more.

Make your life effortless and beautiful with everything on hand at Supa Centa Moore Park.


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