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‘My first stop for sustainable living’

By July 13, 2020INSPIRATION

The Sourceress, Belinda Cendron shares her tips on sustainability and creating modern rituals for your living room.

Interiors in 2020 is all sustainability, value and modern rituals. This means natural colours and timeless materials with curves in all the right places and pieces that enhance our lifestyle and well-being. Buying furniture for your first home can be a really exciting time but it can also be a little bit overwhelming. My best advice is to buy pieces that are sustainably sourced and that can grow with you and your family.

One of the reasons I love Supa Centa Moore Park is the great selection of stores from your big furniture shops, boutique stores, design focused offerings, right down to all the accessories, artwork, soft furnishings and even great gifts. Put simply, you can find everything you need in the one place.

Buying sustainably means your investing in timeless pieces of high quality, that will last a lifetime. With timeless design, not only can you hand them down to future generations, but these are materials that will work with you.

Effortless ways to incorporate this into your day to day life could include waking up in natural soft European linen – is a daily luxury we can all appreciate – especially during isolation. When selecting furnishings for your home , ask questions e.g. about the product materials or where and how they were sourced. Linen for example is low maintenance and easy to clean as the loose fibers don’t hold dirt like some other materials. Also worth noting, a good quality linen improves and softens over time.

Timber furniture pieces will patina beautifully over time. Materials like this can tell your story and the story of your family . With a little care and maintenance timber furniture can also be brought back to new. Consider longevity in your purchases, not just a look for right now.

Something else to consider leading into the cooler months is investing in good quality rugs. Not only will they feel great under foot, they can add warmth to a hard floor and cool room, allowing you to sustainably save on heating whilst elevating your interior style.

At Supa Centa Moore Park, you have so many options to choose beautifully designed, timeless furniture and accessories to suit all budgets and styles.


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