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Katrina from The Block shops for her Kitchen!

By March 30, 2016INSPIRATION

Katrina is a former contestant on The Block, a lover of pretty things & is addicted to Instagram. Her blog, katrinaleechambers.com is about sharing pieces of her life & capturing moments as they happen. Her blog focusses on interior design and DIY projects.


On the weekend I headed up to Sydney for a day of shopping at Supa Centa Moore Park. I was gifted a voucher to spend on upgrading some goodies in my kitchen. I was pumped – who doesn’t loving a shopping excursion?!

This time I took my sister with me. She’s always handy to have around! Her styling and eye for detail is spot on. I knew she’d help me pick some new items for my kitchen. Before I left, I had a list of things I wanted. It’s better to go with a plan. I went online first and checked out what kitchen stores would be available at Supa Centa, then I created a possible list of things to look at. This way I wouldn’t waste time and be indecisive when I arrived. I knew I wanted a new frypan, a NutriBullet and some cutlery… I wanted to visit FreedomRobins Kitchen and Harvey Norman.

My first stop was Harvey Norman. I headed straight to the electrical apartment to check out the new gadgets. My big boy is very much in to smoothies and juices and he was begging me for a new NutriBullet. They are much easier to use than a regular blender (which we’ve been battling with for a while). They are so compact in size, easy to set up and the most important thing is the hassle-free cleanup! My husband wanted me to purchase a new electric frypan. We use our current one all the time at home and it had seen better days. I decided on a brand new Breville Thermal Pro non-stick large banquet frypan. It gives optimal heat distribution and was bound to make my life easier in the kitchen at dinner time. I make spag bol, curried sausages, eggs… all sorts of things, so this was a must for an upgrade in my kitchen.

I then visited Top3 by Design. They have such quirky, stunning and one-off pieces if you’re looking for something different.

Next up I popped in to Robins Kitchen. They were having a huge sale and I couldn’t go past all new cutlery for my kitchen drawers. Mine had seen better days and some shiny new pieces at only $3 each were too good to be true!

Lastly I spent about 2 hours in Freedom wandering through all the dinnerware and accessories. The matte navy, black and pastels mixed with wood tones are really on trend and had me drawn in. It’s easy to mix and match your accessories with the entire range at Freedom. They have the best displays out on the tables, so you can wander around copying their ideas. I picked up some new glasses and coffee cups (I am used to drinking out of chipped ones!). I also threw in some new tea towels and plain white dinner plates because if you’re like me, you collect a lot of mismatched kitchenware and it is nice to finally have some plain staple pieces I can use every day.

We loaded up the car with our final purchases and got ready to zoom back to Wagga Wagga town. I had ticked off all the boxes and was happy with a new frypan, NutriBullet, cutlery, cups and some other bits and pieces which would look great in my kitchen. I can’t wait to drink out of non-chipped glasses and mugs too.

As soon as I walked in the door the boys were in to the smoothies. This one pictured is banana, ice-cream, milk and honey or they usually make a really tasty one using frozen blueberries and raspberries, a blob of yogurt, crushed ice and bit of ice-cream, YUM!

Thanks Supa Centa! I hope to be back again soon. ♥ KC.

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