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Your guide to table settings for any occasion with BoConcept

By December 4, 2019INSPIRATION

In the spirit of the festive season, BoConcept invited guests to their showroom for the “Season of Sharing”. Hosted by Interior Designer Ryan Stevens, guests tuned into a kick-starter styling demonstration on the basic, informal and formal dining settings. Guests enjoyed refreshments and freshly baked goods from Bourke St Bakery as the styling demonstration went on. Featuring BoConcept’s the Milano, Ottawa and Alicante dining tables and accessories, Ryan elegantly styled each table to suit the occasion. In case you missed it. Here’s are some tips and tricks of how to set your dining table in three different ways this season.

Starting with the Milano table from BoConcept’s current collection, the clean and simple Scandinavian look really sets the tone to the style being laid out. Achieve the Scandinavian look by using a neutral palette of greys and natural materials such as oak and bamboo. Compliment with pastel foliage of gum leaves and wattle, to create a calm and honest setting.

Table key points:
– Cutlery is placed in order of use
– Forks goes to left of the plate and knives and spoons to the right
– Only set the table with cutlery you intend to use
– Knife blades always face inwards towards the plate
– Napkin goes to the left of the fork
– Bread butter knife is optional
– Cutlery is usually placed 3cm from the edge of the table

We were then moved to the Ottawa dining table for the casual informal dine- the new espresso oak finish was a real dark wonder. Ryan vamped up the Scandinavian look by introducing glass candlesticks and statement decanters. This brings a sense of opulence yet keeping the overall look still very classic and chic. An end-to-end centrepiece of gum leaves along with baby’s breath added a nice textural touch to this floral display, not to mention the perfect conversation starter. The fresh foliage will greet your guests with a calming eucalyptus fragrance.

Table key points:
– Napkins can be folded or put in a napkin ring. Placed either to the left of/ under the forks or on top of plates
– 2 sets of forks: small for appetizer and large for main. Forks are arranged according to the courses, following an ‘outside-in’ order
– Dinner knife set immediately at the right, cutting edge facing inwards
– Spoons go to the right of the knife, also following the ‘outside-in’ rule
– Drinking glasses of any kind placed at the top right

For the crème-de-la- crème of dinner parties, the formal set-up takes informal to the next level. We finished on the all-new Alicante dining table. The dark stone ceramic tabletop brought a more dramatic look, providing this formal setting with the “wow factor”. Starting with the monochromatic base, the table was layered with the same colour along with subtle muted tones. The tone-on-tone effect of the burnt orange and burgundy contrasted beautifully with the dark green of the pine needles. The landscape of foliage, vases, dinnerware and Christmas decorations was theatrical but elegant.

Table key points:
– No more than 3 variations of each cutlery piece are ever placed, except for the oyster fork (which can be a fourth). If more than 3 courses are served, additional cutlery is brought in with the meals i.e. salad fork and knife will be brought in when served
– Knife blades always face inwards towards the plate
– The placement of the cutlery is guided by the menu with ‘outside-in’ order

Overall, the “Season of Sharing” provided guests with inspirational styling tips to really kick-start their December gatherings. Whether it’s an intimate meal for two or a feast for family and friends, the right dining table for the occasion is crucial. Simple and sleek, or adjustable and extendable, you can find your perfect dining table set for the right occasion at BoConcept. Creatively stuck? BoConcept’s interior designers are here to help you co-create your dream home. Book a consultation with the team online today.


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