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Emma from Nest Design Shops SCMP

By September 9, 2015INSPIRATION

Emma from Nest Design Shops SCMP

Emma Blomfield is an experience interior stylist and homewares buyer who works with clients across Australia both online and offline to help decorate their homes no matter their budget. Emma is passionate about making decorating affordable and accessible to anyone, proof of this is Emma’s client list which includes clients purchasing their first family home, young professionals trendy apartments and even celebrity homes such as Guy Sebastian and Samantha-Jade.  

I learnt a lot about myself in my few hours I spent at the Supa Centa. For starters, I am my own worst client! I love shopping alone, because then I can go to the shops I want to go to and shop in my own time, however I was suddenly struck by indecision every time I entered a store. This is something that NEVER happens to me, especially not when shopping for client’s homes.

Like any good decorator, I had done my homework online before I visited and I had a little list of things I knew I wanted to buy. My list included, new bed linen, cushions for the bed, bedside lamps, bedside trinkets and anything else that took my fancy. It looks like a relatively simple list yes, but when it came time to make purchases I couldn’t decide on anything! It was so odd, I had to go and get a chai latte and have a little talk to myself to pull it together before I entered another store.

After my internal little chat (don’t worry, I wasn’t scolding myself out loud in the café!), I decided to start with a colour palette so I’d have something to refer to and keep me on track. I ended up opting for navy blue, sky blue, crisp white and rose gold accents and then stuck to my decision.

Shops I Visited
Freedom, Orson & Blake, Top 3, Jimmy Possum, Howards Storage, Adairs, Bed Bath & Table, My House, Oz Design, Harvey Norman, Bo Concept, Contents ID, Dare Gallery, Light Style, Shack, Urban Couture.

What I Bought
I think I spent a lot of time in Contents ID, I may have visited more than once when I realised I still had a little bit of money left…. I love Contents ID’s merchandising, the whole store looks like what I imagine my “When I Grow Up” house will look like. Everything is beautifully presented, sure there are a lot of things out of my price range but a girl can dream right?! On my first visit I spied a bookcase with a shelf full of clear quartz crystals that had been cut and polished. I hadn’t ever seen them like that before so I snapped up the prettiest one I could find. On my second visit, I noticed a gorgeous round blue and green ceramic box that I hadn’t seen the first time so that one had to come home with me too.

Orson & Blake has always been a favourite store of mine and it didn’t disappoint this time round either. I nabbed two really lovely navy velvet cushions with taupe linen backs. The perfect addition for my bed.

After entering My House, Adairs, & Bed Bath & Table more than an acceptable amount, I finally decided on a puckered white bed spread with matching pillowcases from Adairs. With my navy velvet scatter cushions, I knew I was on track to finishing this bedroom project with a smile on my face.

The final stop was to Freedom where I spent so long in store, the shop assistant just laughed each time I came to the counter to drop off more goodies I’d found. I think I changed my mind about 8 times but she was so patient and helpful. I walked out with two rose gold table lamps for my bedsides, light blue house shaped bookends, a desk lamp and new wine glasses (unrelated but desperately needed)!

In-store Experience
Every single store had really pleasant and obliging staff. I was visiting on a weekday afternoon so most of the time I was one of a handful of customers in each store so I never felt rushed or hurried, overall it was a really lovely experience. I imagine it would be a bit different on weekends so if you do have the opportunity to visit on a weekday, I highly recommend it, especially if you’re the type of shopper who likes to take their time when buying for the home.

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