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Dinner is Served with The Stylephiles

By May 28, 2018INSPIRATION

May, 2018
Karen Bell from The Stylephiles

I’m notoriously crap at making quick decisions when it comes to home purchases (unlike my decisive darling Steph). I often get so caught up with the domino effect of one major purchase impacting the rest of the room – ‘but if I get this cushion, I’ll need new art that won’t clash, but then… that won’t match the rug and oh god let’s just refinance the home loan and start from scratch!’ – OK, so catastrophising somewhat, but I am absolutely one to pore over options for weeks for my major purchases with the sole aim of eliminating any potential future buyer’s remorse and ensuring everything feels cohesive from room to room in our apartment. Give me fifty stores to check out and I will give each one my undivided attention… Like a dog with a bone, when I’m on the hunt for the perfect piece, I’ll search high and low to ensure I have assessed every possibility.

Oh how I goddamn love options.

Cue Supa Centa Moore Park, which, in life before baby was honestly my regular weekend hang, somewhere I would languidly stroll around, allowing my unhurried indecision to lead me through store after store, hour after hour.

With SO much variety on offer (and FREEEEE parking) – seriously Sydneysiders, where else would you head to for perusing and buying those essential home items? The range is insane and I LOVE that there is such a great mix of high and low, with everything from on trend bed linen at Adairs, to super luxe leather occasional chairs at Max Sparrow and rare Persian rugs or the simplest of life’s necessities like a new vacuum (btw – just got the new Dyson V10 there from Bing Lee… and my life has changed forever).

Having walked those floors at Supa Centa Moore Park more times than I could count, you can only imagine my delight in being asked to install their winter dining display, taking my pick from right across the centre’s stores to pull together a sophisticated dining setting. In all seriousness – this is literally my dream day out! With such a golden opportunity to make the most of unbridled access to furniture and decor, this queen indecision maker got her butt into action and planned ahead with a mood board, playing around with mixing key pieces to build the foundation of the space. My desire was to create a dining room that felt timeless rather than trendy, well traveled and warm and perfect for an apartment style dining space like ours at home, ensuring there were some modular pieces which could work outside the dining space as well. I’m a little over getting caught up in ‘trend’ – borne out of a desire to be less wasteful and more environmentally conscious…’buy once’.

Starting with the dining table – I was set on using a round, as the social function of furniture should always be a big consideration; I find the circular setting to be so much more intimate as it allows everyone at the table to engage in a centralized conversation. For the mood board I had narrowed this choice down to the gorgeous round terrazzo table from Contents International Design, paired with the simple black leather saddle chair from Freedom Furniture. The final install and featured in the display now is this gorgeously simple marble look table from Fantastic Furniture which offers incredible value at $399! Lord knows I know that every single thing can’t always be an investment piece – so choose where you spend big carefully (but please for the love of god, don’t hold back on the comfort of your dining chairs! Nothing can bring your dinner party to a more abrupt end than wriggly guests whose sitting bones have had enough.)

Check out the vid below discussing the dining concept…. and keep reading on below!

To accompany the dining setting, a couple of storage units were added – as an apartment dweller not only is storage absolutely crucial to survival, but having modular pieces of furniture which can do double duty is the ultimate. The smart little metal black cabinet featured here from Oz Design is the perfect example – it would easily work as everything from a bookshelf, to a drinks cabinet to a linen press. Tick, tick tick!

Grounding the space is the Persian inspired Madaki rug from Freedom. The muted blue/indigo tones pared with the timber of the larger buffet really anchored the classic and warm feel, which we are really vibing aesthetically at the moment. To add to the elegance of the space, touches of brass provided the perfect timeless finish… along with an endless amount of greenery!

I loved being able to pull from so many different stores – there’s nothing worse to witness than people buying their entire lounge room from a single store, only to have their home or apartment look like a catalogue page with no energy, stuck in a singular, soulless time and place. Our rule of thumb is to always mix and match – mix materials, eras, textures, influences – and ensure you have a bit of high and low – spend big on your rug, your chairs and your art and you can absolutely be a little more frivolous with the rest as that mélange will bring so much character into your home.

Kaz x


Fiddle leaf fig 190cm $299.99
Monsteria plant 120cm $89.99
Fiddle leaf fig 120cm $129.99
Marble Table Light Black $119.99
Reindeer Skin – Natural $699.99
Fiddle leaf fig 75cm $49.99
Zambeze pot white $39.99
Skipton Gold Pipin side table $199.99

Fantastic Furniture
Monaco Marble look dining table $399

Bed Bath N Table
Carved Elephant $49.95
Large Noodle Bowls $14.99ea
Small Rice Bowls $9.95ea
Potted star jasmine $16.95
Bottle vase Aqua $3.95
Glass bud vase blue $3.95
Alina textured pot $14.95

Mr & Mrs Jones
Sagaform Red Wine Decanter $89.95

Oz Design Furniture
Manual Buffet – Black $1199
Marlo Buffet – Timber $2399
Baju Sculpture $21.95
Double Handle Wooden Tray $84.95
Tanina Bowl Wooden Round $199.95

Large Aegean ceramic pot $599
Artificial rubber tree $399
Orchid flower $359
Wooden Beads $29

Gilberto Floor Lamp $199
Madaki Floor Rug $499
Paloma Bar Cart $599
Melbourne Basket Large $70
Melbourne Basket Small $40
Filomena Framed art print $349
Dinner set – large plates $15ea
Dinner set – small plates $7ea
Dinner set – stone bowl $8
Woven place mat $7ea
Champagne flute 4pk $30
Decorative Lemons $4ea
Saddle dining chair $149ea

Read the full blog here, but in the meantime,  watch Karen’s collaboration with the Supa Centa Moore Park.

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