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Downsizing Made Easy with Kristin

By March 15, 2019INSPIRATION

Kristin Stojcevski from Rocco Revolution on Downsizing 

The thought of downsizing can be a daunting task. In most cases it means
having to say goodbye to a space which holds so many memories and
sentimental value. Taking a more evolutionary approach though can make the process a lot more gratifying…and so can shopping at Supa Centa Moore Park! I love how convenient and accessible Supa Centa Moore Park is. With free all day parking and somewhere to grab a coffee, this is a great place for me to bring my clients when sourcing furniture, accessories and appliances.

Downsizing is all about simplifying life – taking a stocktake of what you have, to establish what you truly need. So, the first step I recommend to ensure a smooth transition into your new space, is culling. Yes, I know this sounds really scary but don’t let the thought overwhelm you. When sifting through your wares, consider what holds the most sentimental value, what can be repurposed and what you can breathe new life into.
I am always trying to find the perfect balance between old and new whenever I have a client who is looking to downsize. I want to make purchases that complement existing pieces, starting with a neutral colour palette that can then be layered upon. Provincial Home Living and Adairs were great places to start as they both have a gorgeous selection of accessories and soft furnishings. I think that is one of the great things about shopping at Supa Centa Moore Park – with such a great variety of stores; it’s so easy to find pieces that suit a variety of different looks.

Adaptable furniture is a fantastic investment for any downsizer. Items like
sofa beds, adjustable, foldable and stackable furniture as well as pieces which offer ample storage, help to maximise your space. Always consider pieces with clean lines that are comfortable but not too bulky.

I love the traditional look of this sofa from King Living and how its additional features make it feel so contemporary. Adjustable headrests with touch glide tech recliners and smart pockets make it the perfect addition to any small space. I then teamed the sofa with this fabulous coffee and dining table from BoConcept that have the capabilities to extend when you’re planning to entertain.

Every downsizer needs a sofabed – whether this is going in the living room, spare bedroom or study. There is such a great selection of sofa beds at Supa Centa Moore Park but we have chosen the matching Reo from King Living because it’s so easy to use and looks good enough to go anywhere! For something a little more suited to spare bedrooms and little nooks, I recommend taking a look at Oz Design Furniture or The Comfort Shop who have great sofa bed ottomans available.

One of the biggest challenges clients have when downsizing is losing their
sense of space, especially outdoors. Often you are having to adapt to
balcony living which means leaving behind large veggie patches, gardens and entertaining areas. I suggest using bench seating and foldable furniture to maximise your floor space. This way you have the option of packing any loose furniture away when not in use – making the space dual purpose for other activities. Also consider transferring your gardening to the walls and planter boxes positioned around the perimeter of your outdoor space.

I have selected this outdoor setting from Wintons Teak because both the
tables and chairs are foldable and so easy to store. I also came across a
great vertical garden stand from Freedom Furniture that would be perfect for either plants or growing herbs.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the Weber Pulse electric barbeque from the Weber Store is a perfect addition to any small outdoor space. The design fuses all the features of traditional barbecuing with the simplicity and convenience of electrical power. It even has iGrill smart technology, which allows you to accurately measure the grill temperature as well as track the progress of your food as it cooks through the iGrill app on your smart device.

And finally, with new technologies constantly evolving, use this change as an opportunity to embrace a completely new way of living. A great place to start would be with a Google Home Hub from The Good Guys. It’s a smart display that simply answers all your questions, plays music and controls your smart home devices with all the visual information displayed on the touch screen.

Other small ways that you can introduce new technology is through your
furniture and accessories. The lamp that I’ve used here from Beacon
Lighting has a USB port as well as a 3 step dimmable function, which makes it great for creating ambiance as well as reading. The King Living sofa can also be wired with a USB port in the smart pocket and you also have the option of adding a reading light which is a great solution if you are tight on space.

I honestly love shopping at Supa Centa Moore Park for it’s variety – with so many different stores under one roof it’s so easy to source furniture and homewares for all my clients.

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