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Big impact statement ideas

By March 8, 2022INSPIRATION

Make a statement in your entryway

Interior Stylist Fiona Gould shares her tips for creating bold impact as soon as you step in your front door.

Your entryway is the first space you and your guests see as they enter your home, and so should absolutely be a reflection of you and your style, and greet you like an uplifting hug. It’s easy for these zones to become a bit of a dumping ground for life’s “stuff”, so I’m going to share with you some of my tips for creating a stylish entryway that’s full of impact but also practicality.


For any entryway I always include three things – a place to sit and put on your shoes, a catch-all tray/bowl for keys / wallet / small pocket things, and hidden storage – lots of it. The Dainelli sideboard from King Living is the perfect place to hide any shoes, bags and other entryway clutter out of sight. Walnut tones are really taking over from paler timbers these days, and I just love the sophistication and warmth it provides.

The key to making a bold statement in any space is to play with scale. Even if you have a small area, bigger is always better. A few oversized hero pieces will almost always look more striking and high end than lots of smaller pieces combined. This Linden table lamp from Contents ID is a long-time fave of mine and the scale is just so oversized and striking.

Oversized blooms in a sculptural vessel is always a welcome sight, and the height really compliments and balances out the large artwork and lamp. I don’t normally style with faux branches but these from Provincial Home & Living are so realistic and perfect for the space.

A gallery wall of 3-4 complimenting pieces is a great way to create a bold impact. My tip for a cohesive look is to choose pieces which aren’t from the same artist but do complement each other either in colour or style. Varied sizes, shapes and frame types will also keep the look interesting. I started with this line art from Shack on the right, and tied it together with the white 3D Gorge hanging from Freedom Furniture and a smaller more classic piece from Contents ID.

As the art and objects are all quite busy and interesting, I kept my colour palette quite minimal with mostly black and white with a pop of timber for warmth. I also like to add as much texture as possible when styling with a monochrome palette to keep the look soft and layered. The boucle ottoman, rattan vessel with branches and this soft runner rug from Coppola Home really helped to bring that softness through.

And lastly, I adore this mirrored plinth with a sculptural object on top, both from Bo Concept, for just a fun little arty moment.

I hope some of these tips have inspired you to rethink your own entryway and create a zone that really speaks to you.


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