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Bedroom Style by Bargain Mum

By September 21, 2016INSPIRATION


written by Bargain Mum Australia

When Supa Centa Moore Park set us the challenge to style 4 bedrooms for under $1500, it could not have been more perfect for all of the new changes that both our families were going through. We both have toddlers who were on their way into their own rooms and we needed to upgrade our rooms to enjoy a more adult space.

We spent a day moving through the centre and searching the stores to find the best way to affordably deck out 4 bedroom spaces. There are a number of Spring sales with loads of savings to be had.

Supa Centa itself is very easy to navigate with loads of parking. Just remember to take a pram or strong hubby to carry all your bags as there are not many trolleys. Thankfully we had some very helpful staff who helped bring all our goods to the car! We left fully loaded, completely happy with our purchases and ready to style!

Lisa’s Rooms:
Three weeks ago we changed everything as we knew it. My husband and I were in our huge master bedroom with our ensuite and walk in robe, co sleeping with our toddler on our King mattress on the floor. The base of our bed was in the garage as was the toddler’s cot. Our toddler had no space of his own as both his brothers had their own room.

We made the decision to stop co-sleeping and breastfeeding and in order for this to happen, we needed the toddler to have his own room. We swapped our beautiful room for a much smaller bedroom and gave both the big boys our room, leaving two empty spaces.

Our Master Bedroom:
I love white. I love grey and I love them mixed with blush. Due to our bed being ginormous and high and taking up most of our room, we haven’t left much space for large furniture items.  Our first stop was Adairs. They have sales across every corner of the store and I saved a phenomenal amount of money over both rooms. Adairs Spring sale continues for the month of September and most of my purchases were from here. I usually buy a new quilt cover, in white, every Boxing day sale. I love their bedding. I love the calming effect that white has on me. When I walk into my bedroom at any point of the day, I am immediately Zen. And sleeping under a huge soft white blanket soothes my soul I tell ya. Other sweet pieces to help style the room were from Freedom Furniture and Bed Bath ‘N’ Table.

Corio Bottle with Leather strap – $12.95

Bed, Bath N Table
Morgan & Finch Chalky Drop Vase – $6.95

Super King Mercer + Reid Tribeca Waffle Quilt   – $179.95 now $129
Home Republic Ashton Mid Grey Throw – $119.95 now $83.95
Home Republic Santona Modern Grey cushion -$59.95 now $41.30
Home Republic Vintage Washed Linen Cotton Soft Pink Cushion  – $69.95 now $48.95
Home Republic Balmain Side Table  – $199.95 now $139.95
Wall Art Ion Print in store – $99.95 now $29.95
Copper Rose Water Candle  – $49.95 now $19.95

Original Prices: $799.55
Total spend: $483.00
Total Save: $316.55

Toddler Bedroom:
Now, this room was complete blank canvas. We had the bed and nothing else. A couple of other bits and pieces around the house that had been bought but not used as he didn’t have his own space. I would make his room white, grey and blush too but that would not be fun for a 2 year old!

I opted for a black, white and mint theme with some blue thrown in. Again, I found so many amazing bargains at Adairs. I spent $93 on almost all his pieces which still amounted to less than what the cot quilt was before the sale. The rug is from Fantastic Furniture and I adore it. It suits his room so perfectly. Plus he drives around the outside with his cars so it now doubles as a play mat. Overall I am super happy with his space, as is he. And now it finally feels like his own room.

Baby Bunting
ELC Wooden Shape and Number puzzle $29.95

Fantastic Furniture
Hazel Rug  – $39.95

Ryder Cot Bedding – $99.95 now $29.95
Woollen Pom Pom Garland – $29.95 now $22.95
Spencer Paper Storage Bag – $49.95 now $9.95
Stay Wild Cushions – $39.95 now $4.95
ZZZZ Cushion $39.95 now $4.95
‘Monster Grrr’ Wall Art – $39.95 now $9.95
Triangle shelf in Black – $49.95 now $9.95

Original prices: $409.55
Total spend: $162.55
Total Save: $257.00

Jess’ Rooms:
It has been a while since I felt the urge to redecorate our bedrooms. With our new house being built next year, I seem to have adopted the attitude of ‘grin and bare it’ for the next little while.

It was SO much fun to get styling and snapping again. I thoroughly enjoyed picking our colours and trying to envision what it was all going to look like together. Olivia has moved into her own room and her own bed after 2 years and 10 months of being in with us. She loves her own space now and I often find her in bed, hanging out reading or playing with her ponies.

Olivia’s Room:
Scandi style is so big right now but I will forever be a lover of pastels, especially for little girls. I can still remember all the neutrals we had before Olivia was born and then suddenly she was here and the house was over flowing with pink! (Which I didn’t realise how much I loved until she was born).

I went with a pink/black/gold/white feel for her room revamp. Our first stop was at My House and Olivia actually chose her own Fairground Inspired quilt cover and horse pillow (not pictured) I thought it would be nice to have two new options for her room. One a little more sleek and one super fun and poppy.

Fairground Quilt Cover Single – $99.95 now $49.95
Fairground Horse Cushion – $39.95 now $19.97

Ashton Jersey Blanket Range – $99.95 now $49.95
Toy Box on Wheels – $79.95 now $53.15
Animal Night Light Pink Hippo – $39.95 now $14.95
Pink Pom Pom Throw – $69.95 now $48.95
TuTu Cute Quilt Cover – $129.95 now $79.95
TuTu Cute Ballerina Print – $49.95 now $33.95
TuTu Cute Ballerina Pillow – $29.95 now $22.95

Original prices: $639.55
Total spend: $340.87
Total Save: $298.68

Master Bedroom:
Our bedroom is teeny tiny. So I needed to find the right balance of artwork and colours to make it look full but not overcrowded.

My palette of choice in life has always been navy/grey/black/white with some pops of colour thrown in for good measure. I picked up the European Stonewash Quilt cover from Adairs and it is, hands down, the comfiest quilt cover we have ever had. It is such a soft grey, it almost looks white.

I have been desperate for something fabulous to hang above our bed. I never found the right piece until I saw these. I am so happy with them and Matt doesn’t think they are too girly! Win!

Academy Cushion Plum – $39.95
Pinwheel Cushion Sapphire – $34.95

Galerie Prints Black 60 x 90 Marte – $169.95 now $104.95
Galerie Prints Black 60 x 90 Marte – $169.95 now $104.95
Home Republic European Collection Stonewash Silver Quilt Cover – $199.95 now $94.95
Home Republic European Collection Stonewash Silver European Pillow Cases – $79.90 now $59.90
Home Republic European Collection Stonewash Coal Standard Pillow Cases – $49.95 now $29.95
Home Republic Throw Mustard – $99.95 now $69.95

Original prices: $844.55
Total spend: $539.55
Total Save: $305.00

The original prices for our items were $2,693.20 and all up we spent $1,525.97A whopping saving of $1,167.23. 

If you are looking for larger items or to furnish bigger spaces, there are a number of fantastic stores at Supa Centa. There is Snooze and The Sleeping Giant plus Harvey Norman, BoConcept, King Furniture, Nick Scali, Natuzzi Italia, Shack and OZ Design Furniture, to name a few. It is a fantastic hub with a good mix of affordable to high end stores.

It is great for kids as well. Olivia gave their Toys R Us a huge tick of approval! We also couldn’t walk more than 50 metres without having a toy for them to ride on. All strategically placed outside the shops you want to spend the most time in. Lots of chairs for Dad to hang out in as well.

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