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Leather & Lattes Shops SCMP

By August 18, 2015INSPIRATION

Andrea Hetherington of Leather & Lattes Shops SCMP

Australian Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Andrea Hetherington of Leather & Lattes recently visited Supa Centa Moore Park with a view of updating her bedroom for spring. See a recap of her Supa Centa experience and the items she most loved below!

A recent trip to Supa Centa Moore Park in search of new bedroom decor was successful and lots of fun. I went with a view of giving my bedroom a complete makeover for spring and that’s exactly what I did!

Having a ‘sort of’ plan of the stores I wanted to visit at Supa Centa, the type of things I wanted to buy and the style of bedroom I wanted to create made it easier to navigate the shops and pick out most loved pieces. My room isn’t the biggest but it has great light so I wanted to stick with a minimalistic white colour scheme to make it feel more spacious and open. White is a modern and clean base and I knew by adding a pop of colour I could create a foolproof gorgeous bedroom very easily.

We started our day at Supa Centa at Dish Espresso for a mandatory coffee before hitting the shops. I had my boyfriend in tow to help me with my shopping journey and bounce ideas off!

The first store we went to was Freedom where I managed to find some real gems. The glassware collection was my favourite as they had so many pieces to choose from. After about 30 minutes I decided on some sweet little milk bottles which would be perfect for smoothies but also double as mini vases for my bedroom. The retro jam jars were just as cool which would be great for cocktails during summer BBQs, not to mention a green smoothie or two. Freedom was really the ultimate one stop shop with all their new spring furniture ranges having just hit the store. There was lots of colour and Mexican vibes aplenty with wire cactuses and sombreros print cushions. I found the displays to be really inspirational and great to help with room planning. I was definitely keen to try out a Mexican themed bedroom but I didn’t want to divert from my chosen path – maybe next time!

Next stop was Adairs where I fell in love with their HUGE display of cushions. It was cushion heaven for me but also my worst nightmare, as I couldn’t make a decision to save my life. There were lots of lovely bright options – cockatoos, reindeers, monochrome, pinks, yellows, greens – everything! This store was definitely my pick if you need pillows and cushions. So many options!

Whilst deliberating over cushions and a colour scheme elaborate on ‘all white minimal’, we looked over fine Egyptian quilt covers and stunning too-high-to-be-true thread count sheets. Adairs was perfect for linen and surprisingly enough, budget friendly with lots of items on sale. It wasn’t long until I purchased the perfect white sheets and quilt cover. Now to find the perfect secondary colour to add and contrast white and find more accessories of course!

Upstairs we found Howard’s Storage World which has always been a favourite of mine for organisation and surprise – storage! This shop is perfect for getting your life in order and is the place where I purchased my first ever jewellery holder (this has since changed my life and I feel so satisfied with the purchase!). I also picked up a thank you gift for my shopping buddy (aka my boyfriend) a little reusable sandwich bag for his lunch. Very pleased with myself at this point.

Following Howards Storage World, we went to MyHouse which was another great option for linen, bedding and cushions. It was here I decided on a yellow/pineapple theme after falling in love with a pineapple cushion. Yay, theme decided on and approved by boyfriend!

From here it was smooth sailing and I proceeded to pick up bits and pieces curating my dream summer bedroom. Bed Bath N’ Table had lots of unique trinkets and I found a perfect Instagram size yellow frame here. The white and yellow theme was falling into place perfectly!

We swung past Top3 by Design which was fabulous and had lots of small pieces and quirky things to brighten up the house. It reminded me of the ideal store for designers and creative minds. It offered a range of colourful and unique additions to make anyone’s home look like an art director’s. Think multi-coloured zig zag pillows, magazine racks, random mirrors, stuff for your desk and pantone mugs to name a few.

From here it was back to Adairs to finalise the room with a yellow and white striped weave cushion and a pineapple ornament, the pis de resistance! On route back to the car we also picked up some gorgeous wine glasses from Robins Kitchen.

Some other favourites we looked at whilst shopping at the Centre in no particular order were: Orson & BlakeOz Design, Urban Couture, JB Hi-Fi Home, Top3 by Design and Wendys for ice cream!

All in all we really loved our Supa Centa experience. It’s a lovely shopping day out, it has a relaxed friendly vibe and the staff was pleasant and helpful. Can’t wait for my next shopping excursion at the Centre! I’ve put together my shopping list below and a guide to recreating my dream bedroom. Happy shopping.

Blogger Bedroom Guide in 5 easy steps:

1. It’s all about white and minimal, think airy and light with clean lines and luxe fabrics. Invest in good quality white sheets and bed spread. White minimal style is addictive and will give an instant refresh.
2. Add some interest to an all white bedroom with a colour pop or theme. In this instance I chose yellow and added stripe and pineapple cushions. It’s nice to add some contrast and warmth to an all white bedroom.
3. Instagram size photo frame. Try something new and switch out old frames for a mini square frame. Just print out an Instagram shot on your home PC, cut it out and voila!
4. Use jars and lots of them! Purchase glass jam jars and milk bottles in all different sizes with a view of using them as vases or decoration. They’re very on-trend and look visually appealing.
5. Somewhere to hang your jewellery. My first ever jewellery stand has changed my life. It’s so content knowing all your jewellery is there in the same place. I feel much more organised and so will you!

My Shopping List:

• White Egyptian Cotton Bedspread, Adairs
• Pineapple Cushion, My House
• Yellow and White Stripe Weave Cushion, Adairs
• Yellow Instagram Frame, Bed Bath N’ Table
• Pineapple Ornament, Adairs
• Jars and Milk Bottles of all Different Sizes, Freedom
• Jewellery Stand, Howard’s Storage World

By Andrea Hetherington of Leather and Lattes blog. Find me on Instagram here.

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